Jewellery is one such thing that lures everyone if its presentation is good. Imagine having an online jewellery store, what would be your approach of showcasing the products to the viewers?

You can beautifully show the jewellery pieces if you own a land store but what if you have an online portal? No worries! Now with the help of latest photography techniques, everything can be made perfect and eye-catching in no time.

Presenting jewellery is all about the details as you have to show every single detail of the piece to the viewer. The photography must be so flawless and clear that attracts the viewers and tempts them to buy that piece. For a reputed site, it is highly essential to offer professional and clean photography to retain the brand goodwill. Customers buying online often have the complaints of getting a different product as shown online. So break this mindset and show exactly the same product that you intend to sell. Keeping it in mind, let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes that usually every photographer commits while shooting the pictures:


The product must be prepared before setting up for photo shoot. Tiny details like stone, gems, tags, stickers must be checked and added/removed as desired. All the imperfections need to be removed before pulling up the picture in Photoshop. Post editing may be cumbersome so try and be specific as much as you can while photography instead.

Jewellery Product Photography

You should always clean the product before clicking the image as customers won’t like dirt accumulated on it. The cleaner the product is, the shinier it will be!


When it is about product photography, the size of the images must be in sync with each other. Usually, one image is small and other is big that confuses the customer about the exact size. It is a small mistake but it can hamper the goodwill of your website.

Resize all the images with same dimensions to make sure that each image is perfect. Also, the style and design of all the images must be the same.

Cluttered Backgrounds

To make the images look clean and perfect, shoot them against white background. White backdrops are always good to maintain the clear and clean look in the photos and customers feel good while viewing them. With great shopping experience, customers will definitely buy your product as the details will be clearer. Avoid shooting against patterned and textured backdrops to deliver timeless feeling to the customers.

No to Props

Yeah, you read it right! Props only distract the viewer and do nothing else. You need not worry about placing the props in the jewellery photography as they may ruin the professional appearance of the whole image. Lay the jewellery piece against a flat background preferably white, and then shoot the pictures from various angles.

Jewellery Product Photography

Adjust the White Balance

Trust me, white balance plays a major role in depicting the exact jewellery. To get clean picture with same white balance, it is suggested to adjust the white balance to “automatic”. This setting will automatically detect the light source and the end results will be the same.

Jewellery Product Photography

Avoid Reflections

Reflections are good in jewellery photography but only if the refection is appropriate. Shine and sparkle is great but try shooting the product in natural daylight as unnecessary reflections will not come in the place. While clicking jewellery, if you face bad reflections, change the location or angle so that natural light source gives better reflection. If not, reflection can be added post-editing stage.

Jewellery Product Photography

Not Shooting at Various Angles

When you go out to shop, what approach do you follow while seeing a jewellery piece? I guess, you look at it from various angles to ensure that the product is authentic and perfect looking. So it must be the same approach while shooting a product picture. Customers want to view a product from every possible angle. With that in mind, you must click the products from front, back, sides, bottom and top etc. Also, add a close up image for the viewer to have an idea of the stones or gems that are used in it. But on the top of that, be consistent. As already mentioned in the second point, resize or crop the images with same dimensions.

Jewellery Product Photography

Follow these things and try to avoid these small mistakes. Embrace them in your product photography and deliver some of the best viewing experience to your potential customers. See them converting to regular customers and that is only possible if you abide by these principles.

Boost the look of your website and see a huge hike in the sales. You can share this article if you liked it. Thanks for reading, have a good day ahead!