You might have heard about the Photoshop magic wand tool, which is definitely a stunning tool to remove backgrounds from the images. Since this tool is the most used, we would like discussing it to make the process easy.

The Magic Wand tool makes it easy to select and mask specific areas of an image for removing backgrounds. It only deletes the selected parts without impacting the rest of the image. This tool is useful for enhancing images for e-commerce or websites by quickly selecting and deleting areas of solid color and similar colors from the background.

Here are the steps to use the magic wand tool effectively:

  • Open the image in Photoshop and go to the Photoshop toolbar to pick the magic wand tool. You will notice that the cursor changes to a magic wand when you want to remove areas. Click on the areas you want to remove. Once an area is selected, you can remove it after selecting more similar areas. If you accidentally select an extra area, you can choose to subtract it from the selection. The selection is based on the color properties of each pixel so be careful while selecting.


It is important to adjust some settings after the tool is selected to make sure it works right. For that, there are 4 options that control how the magic wand tool performs.

  • Tolerance: It is the number to select how closely you want to choose the color to remove from the background. This is between 0 and 255, the more the value, the more area it will select to remove. If you choose 0, the magic wand tool will select only the color that is exactly the same as the one you have clicked on. Putting 255 in the value will select the whole image, which might not be of any use if the background is of different colors. Make the tolerance somewhere around 20 to 30 to get the results right.
  • Anti alias: This is to smooth the jagged edges of a selection. It softens the color transition between the background pixels and edge pixels. When you cut, copy or paste the selections, this is useful.
  • Contiguous: It is the option to select only the pixels with suitable color information that are directly related to the original selection.
  • Once you have made all the settings, you can use the magic wand tool easily. All you need to do is click on the area you want to remove and press Delete. If there are multiple colors in the background, you have to click separately to remove those areas because single selection will not remove the whole background altogether.


I hope you understood the process pretty well. It’s fun to use Photoshop tools to solve different issues, and as you use them, you will discover many new things. If you happen to do anything wrong, press the Undo button to undo the last step! Have a good day.