Promoting your products online is a challenging task as you get to optimize the product images to make them look beautiful on the site. Spending money on marketing is something everyone does but if the product images are not presented properly, it becomes difficult to grab customers’ attention. When it comes to eCommerce, optimization of product images becomes extremely important as it drives buying behavior. Here are a few ways with which you can transform dull images into appealing product images which will definitely attract customers.

Keep things simple

Adding too many effects in the images do nothing good and rather make them look haphazard. To grab more attention, it is suggested to keep it as simple as much as you can. People like to see 3 to 4 images before buying any product so create product images accordingly to show all the sides of the product. When you show them the product from all angles, there is more chance of selling.

Optimize Product Photos

Present the products in uncluttered manner. When you shoot the images, make sure that the platform is free of mess and there are no distractions around. Click the pictures against white background and check if there are any unnecessary graphics or text written in the background.

Check the angle

Whatever product you are going to click, it is important to determine the best angle in which it will look the best. If it is apparel, think about how it will be worn and what exactly is the shape in which you can place the product on the platform? Since the products should be displayed in the most flattering manner, work on the angle part. Click the images from all angles i.e. front, back, sides, up and down so the customers can see all the possible sides and then make a fair decision.

Optimize Product Photos

Highlight important details

Optimize Product Photos

While presenting images of the apparels, you should highlight the important details like the fabric, stitches, buttons and texture of the cloth for the customers to decide whether or not they need it. Plus, the customers want to see all these elements carefully so if you show them, your portal will face less returns or refunds.
Optimize Product Photos for Ecommerce Selling
Image resolution plays a major role in selling your products. Would you ever like to buy from such a website having blur images with lesser details about the product? To make a space in the customers’ minds, you should focus on visual elements. Create the images at high resolution by shooting them in RAW format because JPEGs are compressed images.

Optimize Product Photos for eCommerce Selling

Natural reflection

It would be best if the images capture natural reflection as the object seems to pop out from the background which looks interesting to the eyes. But if there is no natural reflection, you can always add artificial reflection in Photoshop using drop shadow option. In the post production stage, make sure to add similar shadows in all the images to maintain consistency and make the pictures look awesome like never before.


The last step is optimizing the images for web. Now when you are done with the entire editing thing, it’s the time to resize the pictures to upload on the website. Open the images in Photoshop and make all the images similar in size. It will make your website look good and people will also feel good looking at consistently uploaded images. Plus, when it comes to online images, they should look engaging and elegant and this is how you can drive more sales.


Apply these methods and make your images stand out from the competitors. Generate new customers and earn more revenues.