Product photos are incomplete without white backgrounds and also the selling becomes better and faster. The importance of product photography should never be overlooked and it is important to shoot the product against a solid colored or white background to make it look better. But if you want to use another background, here are few options which will also work perfectly. Create stunning Background with these alternatives to white background photography:

Product Black Background Alternative of White Background

Product Black Background

The Black backgrounds look amazing as they highlight the product perfectly. Products like cosmetics and jewelry look sophisticated against black backgrounds and also the products look dazzling. To add dimension to the images, Product image black backgrounds is the most perfect backdrop.

Solid colors Background against white background

Solid colors Background

Other than white background, solid color background is also an alternative. Solid colored background gives a desired look to the final image and bright hues make the images look highlighted. Bright colors also appear nice and interesting as well as you can make these colors your brand identity.

Image Neutrals Background

Neutrals Background

Use beige, off white or gray backgrounds if you want to go a little unique from others. Also, the neutral colors don’t distract the viewers where the dark colored backgrounds are the major disaster when it comes to online selling.

Neutral colors lend visual appeal to the pictures so use them in the backgrounds of your product photos to add a nice depth.

Patterns Background

Patterns Background

Patterned backgrounds are my favorite and they are well known to add a new dimension to your product photos. Once when you are done with shooting the images, you can add patterned backgrounds after replacing the old ones. There is no need to look for a patterned background as background removal method will help in replacing the old white backgrounds with new ones. Patterns add creativity to the product images and make all the pictures look sophisticated. But make sure not to use overly fancy background as they can distract the viewers.

Product Wood Background

Product Wood Background

Wood background looks highly appealing and amazing when placed against the product photos white background. To add a vintage feel, wood background can be anything like tree stump, table or bench. Simply click the images against any background and replace it with wooden backgrounds to create cozy look. Go for beige or light colored wood background for product images to bring out the natural appearance.

Tiles Background replace the white background

Tiles Background

Tiled backgrounds are capable of giving a number of effects to the product images. As the tiles come in different colors and textures, you can use any of them according to your product requirement. Be creative and play around with different tiles to achieve the desired look i.e. natural or earthy.

To lend sophistication, you can use black tile with light texture and create nice visual appeal.


Choosing the right type of background is a challenging task and you should do it very carefully. A wrong background can break the image of your business as well as decrease the sales drastically. It is important to add a beautiful and right background to enhance the overall appeal of your pictures. The images should highlight the products and the products should pop out from their respective backgrounds.

The reputed websites always have their image backgrounds in either white or neutral colors. If you sell creative and funky products, then textured, patterned or tiled backgrounds work wonders. Also, you can use a combination of one or more background types to lend an elegant look to the whole image. Choose the backdrop carefully because they are the makers and breakers of your online success.