In today’s world, pictures are super important. They grab our attention and help us understand things better. If you sell things online, take pictures, design websites, or create ads, you need great pictures to succeed.

Clipping path, as you may know, is a service used to cut out images from their respective backgrounds. This technique is available in Photoshop, allowing you to draw paths around an object and then cut it out to place on a new background.

However, numerous companies offer this service. So, in this article, we talk about how you get the best clipping path service providers.

What’s a Clipping Path?

It is the process of extracting a subject from its background. Imagine you have a picture of a toy car. A clipping path is like drawing a line around the car to cut it out. This lets you put the car on a new background, like a race track, or make the old background disappear. This is super helpful for websites that sell stuff. It’s also for people who take pictures of things to sell and for people who design websites or ads.

Why Do We Need Clipping Paths?

Clipping paths are like superpowers for pictures:

  • Online Stores: Have you ever seen a website that sells toys or clothes? The pictures of the toys or clothes usually have a plain white background. That’s because clipping paths were used to remove the old background and make it look nice and clean.
  • Photographers: A photographer takes a picture of a delicious hamburger, but the table it’s sitting on is messy! Clipping paths can remove the messy table and make the hamburger look even more delicious.
  • Designers: Designers use clipping paths to make eye-catching ads and websites. They can put different pictures together. For example, they can put a person on a skateboard on A skatepark. They can also add words to pictures easily.
  • Marketers: When you see a cool ad online or on TV, it’s usually because it looks interesting. Clipping paths help marketers. They make ads look cooler by making the pictures stand out.

How is a clipping path used in the eCommerce industry?

Best clipping path service provider
When it comes to displaying products on online selling portals. They must look attractive to lure the viewers. The major purpose of using a clipping path is to remove the background. The product images will make it look stunning. You can click product images against a white background, but if you already have the images and the background is of another color, and you want to remove the background and place the object on a new backdrop.

Should you outsource to a clipping path service?

clipping path service provider

Clipping path King

For a large number of images, consider outsourcing to a clipping path service provider. They use advanced tools for excellent results. Clipping is time-consuming and requires professional skills. Outsourcing allows you to focus on essential business tasks, avoiding wasted time and money.

How to Find the Best Service

Finding the right person or company to help with clipping paths is like finding the perfect puzzle piece. You want to find someone who fits just right. Here are a few ways to find them:

  1. Ask Around: Talk to your friends, family, or teachers. Maybe someone you know has used a clipping path service before and can recommend someone.
  2. Read Magazines: Some magazines have articles about photography and graphic design. These articles might mention companies that offer clipping path services.
  3. Check the Internet: The internet is full of information. Just search for “clipping path services.” You’ll find many companies. Also, you can read reviews to find the best one.

Different Kinds of service provider

There are different kinds of clipping path services. Some of them work alone, some work in small teams, and some work in big teams. Hear you can check what you want!

Who Can Help? What’s Awesome? What’s Not So Awesome?
Freelancers Usually cost less money Many times, they will be busy and take longer to get your pictures back
You can talk to them directly and tell them exactly what you want Many times, they do not know how to fix really tricky pictures
Good for fixing just a few pictures They are not able to fix a lot of pictures quickly
Small Companies Usually pretty good at fixing pictures and cost a fair amount of money But they do not have as much experience as bigger companies
Usually easy to talk to and ask questions not have as many people working on your pictures, so it might take a little longer
Big Companies They have been doing this for a long time, so they’re really good at it Cost more money
Those Can fix a lot of pictures quickly It might be harder to talk to someone directly if you have questions
Usually, many people are working on your pictures, so you get them back fast.

Things to Check Before Choosing the Best Clipping Path Service

Before you choose a clipping path service, do your research. It’s as you would before buying a new toy. Here are some things to check:

Quality of Work

Ask to see some photos they’ve fixed. This will show you their style and skill.

shoe clipping path with shadow
shoe clipping path with shadow

Everyone has their tastes. This is especially true for how images should look. Maybe you want the cutout’s edges to be perfectly smooth. Or, you want the colors to match the background exactly. Before you start with a clipping path service, say your expectations. Also, state your standards clearly. Show them examples of images you like so they know exactly what you’re looking for.

Experience the difference expertise makes. The right clipping path service transforms your images into works of art.

It would be best to have different tools for different tasks at home. Similarly, you need a clipping path service that can handle various difficulty levels. Some images are easy to cut out, while others are more complex. The ideal service provider should handle simple and tough projects equally well. This way, you know they can always help you, no matter what kind of pictures you have.

Turnaround Time

Time is often of the essence when it comes to image editing projects. Decide when you need your images. Then, tell the service provider this deadline. The average turnaround time is 24 hours.

When you need your images edited in a hurry. Are you planning a big sale or a time-sensitive campaign? Ask about rush service fees upfront. This prevents unexpected costs. Also, check if they maintain quality during quick work.

Price and Budget

Chart of price competition

Clipping path service costs depend on the provider, job complexity, and urgency. Always get quotes from multiple sources. This allows for easy comparison to find a good deal. Remember, the cheapest isn’t always the best. Paying a bit more often means better quality.

 The important thing is the average simple clipping path cost is $0.29- $0.79.  

You can check our price list below.

Some clipping path services charge based on how much work each picture needs. This is called value-based pricing. This means that a simple picture with an easy background might cost less. They cost less than a picture with many tiny details and a complicated background. This can be a fair way to pay, as you’re only paying for what you need.

Customer Support

Good communication is key. You need it with your clipping path service to get the results you want. Talk to them like you would to a friend. Explain exactly what you need, and listen carefully to what they say. They might have helpful suggestions or advice based on their experience.

You must choose a clipping path service that understands your image requirements. They should listen to your instructions carefully, ask questions to clarify, and be interested in helping you achieve your goals.

Portfolio and Experience

To find the right clipping path service, check their work. Every provider has a portfolio. Look at their before-and-after photos or ask to see more. This will show their skill and style.

Security and Confidentiality

Your images are valuable, so picking a clipping path service that values data security is important. Ask them about their data protection and measures to keep your images secure. A reliable provider will have strong security protocols, ensuring your peace of mind.

Reviews and Testimonials


Reviews are a way to get advice from others who have already used the service. Check out what people say about the clipping path services on your shortlist. Look for reviews on their websites, social media pages, and independent review sites. Pay attention to what people say about the quality of the work. Also, note how easy it was to talk to the service and if the work was on time. It’s like asking your friends if they liked a movie before you decide to watch it.

Additional Services

Some services do more than just clipping paths. They can fix colors. make pictures look better. And even change the background. If you need these extras, find a service that does it all.

How to Request and Check Their Work

After selecting a clipping path service, please give them your pictures and instructions. Be clear and specific, just as you would with a friend. Show them images you like and mention any changes you want.

After receiving your photos, check them closely. If you spot anything you dislike, ask them to make corrections. Most clipping path services offer free revisions, which you can use to make sure your pictures look perfect.

Think to focus:

  • Give Clear Instructions: Tell them exactly what you want. Also, say when you need it. Show them examples of pictures you like and need.
  • Set a Deadline: Tell them when you need your pictures back so they know when to finish the work.

Clipping Path King

Clipping Path King is a company that specializes in clipping paths. We are the top service provider in the clipping path world! Our experienced team can handle any clipping path job. They excel in both large and small tasks. We’re known for fast turnarounds, affordable prices, and top-quality work.

Working with Your service

After choosing a clipping path service, discuss your requirements and wants with the company. If possible, give them an example image. It will help them understand your requirements easily. If you work together, you can create amazing pictures to impress everyone!


Choosing the right person or company for clipping paths is crucial. Follow these tips to find someone who can enhance your pictures. However, make sure to see which brands the company is working with. What is the satisfied client ratio, and are the customers happy with the work? If you are looking for the best and most reputed clipping path service provider, consider to fulfill your requirements.


How do you make a perfect clipping path?

It requires practice, skill, and special tools, similar to mastering a musical instrument. It takes time and effort, but the results are worth it.

How do I pick the best clipping path service?

First, consider your priorities. Do you want a quick and affordable solution? Or do you need someone skilled in complex clipping paths? Once you know, you can find the right service.

What is Polygon Clipping?

A polygon has many sides, such as triangles or squares. Clipping removes these shapes from larger images. You select a shape, and the computer removes everything else. It’s widely used in video games to display only visible parts of a scene.

Who uses clipping paths?

Many people use clipping paths. They include online stores, photographers, designers, marketers, and publishers.

What is Curve Clipping?

Curve clipping is like cutting a curved line from paper with scissors. You tell the computer the curve’s shape, and it removes the rest. This helps make fancy shapes or designs.

What is another name for clipping path?

Clipping paths, also called “deep etching” or “cutouts,” enhance pictures and make them stand out.

What is the cost of the product photo editing?

There are a lot of factors that determine the cost of choosing a clipping path service provider. It all comes down to the price per image, and the total cost will be calculated. Furthermore, to save time and effort, hiring an image editing company that ensures excellent results is important. Choose the company wisely and consider all the costs before hiring anyone. If the cost suits you, go ahead with these questions:

  1. How much experience do they have?
  2. What is the turnaround time?
  3. How many paths they have drawn to date?
  4. How many satisfied clients do they have?
  5. Will you get quality work?
  6. What are the modes of communication available?

If the answers to all these questions are satisfactory, you can proceed. Let us discuss a few points in detail:

Is the Clipping Path hand-drawn or automatic?

Clipping Path hand-drawn

Clipping Path hand-drawn

Every image has a different requirement when it comes to drawing clipping paths. Yes, there is a lot of software available in the market today which can perfectly make paths but you need to decide whether you want a manual path or an automatic one.

If you are dealing in a footwear store, a manual clipping path is what you need to get accurate results. Automatic clipping paths are easy, but it all depends on the image requirement. Automatic background removal is usually done with a magic wand or background eraser, ideal for simple, high-contrast images. Manual clipping paths provide better results with meticulously drawn paths for smooth edges.

The best clipping path service agency lets you choose between hand-drawn and automatic clipping paths. Selecting the type of clipping path for your images according to the requirements makes it easy to manage cost and quality.

How will the images be back?

You need the edited images back in any form to use them further for your website or social media accounts. In eCommerce, the clipping path holds a major place, and this service never becomes obsolete because you need to clip the images frequently before uploading them on the website. Whenever a new product is added, it must go through the entire image cut-out process.

So, getting the images back in less than 24 hours with the click of a button is essential. The best clipping path company ensures the results are delivered in 3 hours or less. Also, the final images must be in different formats or made available in various ways, like API, web, or FTP. There should be categories and subcategories for the batch of images, so make sure the company is sending you the images that way.

Are the services of good quality?

clipping path services

Quality assurance is of much significance when it comes to clipping path services. If the path is not satisfactorily drawn, the results might ruin the overall appearance of your portal. Plus, it is important that you get revisions and corrections from the company if the need arises. For example, if you think the images are not what you want, you can ask them for corrections, and the best company provides after-assistance services. Plus, make sure to check whether or not you can get a trial to assess their skills.

You can also review the work done and suggest changes, and if you don’t like the images, you can reject them and ask them to do it again.

Who are they working with?

Since photography is a wide business, you can expect to see how much work photo editing companies get. When you choose any company, don’t forget to check their previous customer testimonials. It will show you the satisfied and happy customers that the company already has under its court. Because every business owner’s needs differ, checking the testimonials will be beneficial as you will learn the diversity of work a company has handled. Whether it is wedding, baby, or lifestyle photography, editing differs. The best company is one that is capable of handling all these genres pretty well and professionally.