Online selling is quite different from television advertising and you cannot friend a stellar name in the country for your brand. It’s the aesthetics that sell, commercial or product photography is your selling wizard on the web. Photography has excelled to the next notch in recent years, and you need to step it up with some quality photos online. Here we have a small guide for putting up the best shot in your Amazon ads. It’s quite simple yet requires all your attention because it is important.

Amazon Product Ads

The Rules:

we have to know the product image quality guidelines are available on the Amazon website. It tells you the most important and the most effective ways of photographing your way into the market.

Firstly, it has to be clear. Use a white background, it is the most critical component of your product’s image. Amazon requires the background of the image in white. If you cannot afford a high-tech photo studio, it is perfectly alright. Technology has the solutions to all the problems that a man can have. A white background is what you get if a white background is what you need, use photo editing software and remove the background. It can be a bit troubling for starters and though. A clean background adds to your object’s look, make sure you get it done.

The Pixels:

Amazon has image-specific guidelines as well. Your image cannot be less than five hundred pixels in size. There is no point in clicking an image if a customer cannot see the fine details of the object, images of 500 pixels and above solve this problem for you. Let them zoom in and get a better picture. Bigger pictures gave the sharper look and enhanced brighter colors; they are perfect for giving a pro-quality to your image, 1000X1000 images are the most recommended.

 Perfect Amazon Ads

Secondly, It is advised that the object should take up about eighty-five percent of the image, and the rest should be the background, the white backdrop as it is.

The Object

After that, Make sure your object is placed in the proper light, the background has no diversions, and you capture the complete product. Do not have a half cup showcased or its top with coffee in it. Also, make a note that light reflections give a vague effect to your image and the object loses its clarity.

Be The Customer

Before posting your ad for sale consider yourself as a customer for the product. Ask yourself if you would buy the good based on the image that you are presenting? What you would like to see and what feature you would like to be enhanced if you were to examine the product before buying. The answers that you may come up with will add to your ad and improve it if any of the identified characteristics are missing.

 In conclusion, the photograph is the celebrity online. Take care of the basics and you can make the perfect Amazon Ad for yourself.