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Photoshop Masking Service for Complex Background Images


Based on statistics, more than 1/3 of online buyers prefer products without color in its background. That is, we are offering an image masking service that will help you in achieving a photo of your product with a white background. People who do not have enough time in editing their photos especially if they found their photos hard to edit, they need someone to do the task for them.

Whether you want your photos to be edited just for personal use or for your online business, we will take care of the quality of these images. Doing this, you will save your time and money without feeling afraid of not beating up your deadlines.

Our Photo Masking work in Action

Image Masking Services at Clipping Path King

What is image masking?

It is a process of removing background from hairy images. Here at Clipping Path King, we are using advanced Photoshop knowledge because removing background from hairy subjects makes it difficult to remove the background. You need extra ability, time and patience when doing complicated image editing.

You can try it with yourself if you can do your best in playing around with Photoshop needed in this task. If you do not have these qualities, just leave your photos with us and let us do your work.

Handling those images with us, we can assure that you will get the best quality of your photo which can overcome the qualities of the same products in the market. Image masking service that the Clipping Path King offers will give you a peace of mind which no other company can give.

Image Masking Service Categories

Layer Masking

With the use of the pen of the tablet, layer masking is done by applying masks on the layer of the image.

Alpha Channel Masking

Alpha Channel Masking is done to edit the lighting features of your images. The editing is done after removing the image from its colored background.

Fur & Hair Masking

Clipping path is hard to use if the subject has fur so fur and hair masking is the correct process to use.

Refine Edge Masking

Refine Edge Masking is done by using the Layer Mask and Refine radius tool.

Transparent Object Masking

This masking is done to retain the visibility and transparency of the background.

Translucent Object Masking

Being translucent means having only a little light passing through the object. This is done to get this feature.

Object Masking

Object Masking is done to remove the unwanted part of the image. its one of the popular masking service we are providing here.

Color Masking

Color Masking is done by putting color correction to the cutout part of an image.

Who needs image masking services?

Are you a photographer, an online retailer or owner of an advertising agency that lacks the time and skills and editing your photos that can contribute to the success of your business? If your answer is yes, then you are on the right page because here at Clipping Path King, your photos are in a good hand.

Clipping Path King can help those who require an image masking service. Who needs this service? You need this service if you want to remove the background of your image that is hairy. It is a very complicated task especially if you will be doing a huge number of images.

If you are a seller on Amazon or eBay, you need to be attentive to details to achieve a realistic look at your imaged-masked photos that will attract the consumers to buy your product.

If you are a photographer who needs fast hands in editing your photos because of multiple clients, Clipping Path King will be your knight in shining armor. We will help you to remove any unwanted thing from the image. We will be dealing in providing you the photos of your product consistently and with the same looks.

When to use image masking ?

You are most needed for this service if you are a seller in an online world where competition is too high. When your products’ images are hard to edit because of edges, then mostly you require this service.

When not to use Image Masking?

It is not advisable to use this service if the background’s color of your product is just the same as the color of the product itself. which images have a simple and very straight edge this service should not use theirs.

Images Masking at Clipping Path King

Clipping Path King is the leading image editing service that offers image masking, removing and cutting-out background and ghost mannequin services for photographers, online retailers, and advertising agencies. What makes the customers coming back to us is our quality service that starts at $0.29 only.

We at the Clipping Path King promise you that even you only have an image or more that you need for your personal use or your business, we will be responsible for giving you a quality edited version of those images.

Here at Clipping Path King, we are determining which approach is best needed to use to make the photo to be more beautiful. We are making sure that every edge is smooth before we call it done.

After determining what your photo needs, we are giving the task to the best editor to finish your order at its best quality. You will get your edited images done with professionals that will make you and your clients satisfied.

We’re making sure that you can get an outstanding result because we know how important it is for you and your brand. We don’t want to damage our reputation as well as ours.

Here at Clipping Path King, we provide the best quality product because that is what the consumers demand and that’s the service that we can give.

Images Masking at Clipping Path King

Every image has different characteristics and that is the reason why, here at Clipping Path King, we treat each image as they are.  We always take time to examine each image and determine the kind of approach each need.

We also believed that we can only achieve that, with the proper tools and technology in digital imaging.  We are also aware that we need to invest in training of our designers, to keep them equipped with the latest techniques in digital editing.

Maximizing the capability of the technique and the expertise of our staff, we leave no stones unturned, to make sure that every detail is put into consideration. 

With a team of 300 employees and scattered in five locations, we can be available to serve people in various areas.  After examining each photo, we are committed to transforming it according to our client’s requirement. We don’t stop until everything is taken care of. We only consider our work done, when we already see the big smile of our clients.

This the reason why our clients continue to flood us with their images.  They knew that we have the passion and the capability to make things done.  They knew that beyond the name, there is the expertise, passion, and the service.  That’s what we are

Get The Job Done, Professionally.

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