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Remove Background from Packshot Photography

Remove Background from Packshot

Photoshop has always been wonderful software for the entire photo editing needs like color correction, clipping path, background removal, image manipulation, adding shadows and reflection and much more. Now the need of the hour is to remove the background from packshot photography that is for few people a tough task …

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Photoshop Clipping Masks Basics Tutorial

Clipping Mask

In this tutorial we shall learn the basics of clipping masks. Clipping masks are similar to the layer masks feature of Photoshop. These allow us to hide or show different pasts of a layer. However, clipping masks work differently. Using Clipping Masks we need to put a mask on a …

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How to Use Photoshop to Remove an Image Background

Remove an Image Background

It is often very annoying to realize that you’ve taken your best photo shot, and there is something in the background that makes the whole image look messy and you wish you could remove the background from an image. It should not worry you as Photoshop can help you remove …

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A Closer Look at Background Changing In Photoshop

Background Changing In Photoshop

Photoshop tools are the best are the best gift to every photo lovers as they let you change almost everything to get that amazing shot you’ve always wished. An image can have elements portrayed in the most spectacular of ways but with an awkward background or additional messy elements. Photoshop …

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Basics on How to Change Photo Background in Adobe Photoshop

change photo baackground

Once in a while when shoot photos, you would wish to play around with your images such as to change the photo background and give it your creative touch. The first step is changing the background to white before dropping in a new image.A photo with a great deal of …

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