Clipping path Service


Clipping path service

Clipping path is one of the most popular photo editing services around the world. We are providing this service on lowest price and in dedicated way. We can give you quality work and can give you guarantee that you will not be unhappy with the completed work. Clipping path service is used for isolating an important part of an image and we are providing that service from our end. The path of the image we select that is preferred by the clients the path can be the any portion of image.

Photoshop Clipping path, Service and Tutorial

Clipping path is mainly done with Photoshop for that that reason it also called as Photoshop clipping path. Pen tool is used for completing this process.

There are two types of clipping path services they are:

1. Single clipping path

2. Multiple clipping path

We are showing some example where you will understand what is require for you..

1. Single clipping path:

In this service we only make path for one image like. See the image below

2. Multiple clipping path:

This service Is mainly used for complex images which need to be isolated in various parts for making it changeable for different purposes like. See the image below



1. Simple clipping path :

Mainly this process is used for removing background of a single image and also used for get it out from its original background.

2. Simple complex clipping path:

For creating composite image this type is used. some embedded transparency or holes need in this image. For creating big images path this service is used and 2 or 5 range closed methods will be used.

3. Medium complex clipping path:

This type will be occupied on images which has compound shapes and need to use 5 to 10 range closed methods.

4. Super complex clipping path:

The images which have several holes and need to use numerous closed methods for making the full path.


Which purpose clients use our clipping path service?

Clipping path service is used by the clients who wants to create advertisements or catalogs for their products. Some of the customers use our service to help then in constructing composite images. By using our service you can attach any background with the worked image and increase your creative enterprise.

For completing the whole process of clipping path larger time is needed but we will try our best for completing your work. Sometimes for making the image more professional need to combine some other services like image masking our photo editors will suggest if you need that.

So give us your requirement What Are we Waiting For? our professional graphics workers are waiting for your work when you send us the images then they will start work with them. We are giving service on reasonable price and in dedicated quality work. We have quality control department who only check the work for giving good quality work to the client. In my mind I am not finding any cause for not choosing us for clipping path service for your next projects.

Pricing for clipping path service

We are giving this service on reasonable price and the basic price start from $0.29 for each image but price mainly depends on image complexity. Beside of this service we are also offering Drop shadow, photo masking ,image manipulation, background remove, raster to vector conversion and photo retouching service for better photo editing of your images. We are giving special discount  for bulk images.




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Pricing for clipping path service

If you unsure about the clipping path working process or confused about this service then we have clipping path tutorial section where we have discussed how we complete the process for creating clipping path. If need better understanding about this then  visit here..


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