Basics on How to Change Photo Background in Adobe Photoshop

change photo baackground

Once in a while when shoot photos, you would wish to play around with your images such as to change the photo background and give it your creative touch. The first step is changing the background to white before dropping in a new image.A photo with a great deal of …

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Learn How to Photoshop Image Masking

Image masking

The technique of masking is vital in photo editing as it helps remove image background. There are many methods of image masking however the focus is on one. Now that you have an idea on clipping path tutorials, directly open a Photoshop image. The difference between clipping path and image …

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Guide on Creating a Photoshop Clipping Path

clipping path service

Clipping path provides excellent image editing skill needed to remove the background from an image or an image from a background and use it later in a different photo. This process is not so difficult however getting a most accurate and quality result requires much practice, especially on the pen …

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Photoshop Tutorials: Clipping path Peen tool Vs Quick selection tool, which one is better for Remove Image Background

clipping path vs quick selection

Remove Image Background is a common needed work for our daily purpose like Personal photo, online shop product Image editing and also various needs. For this job generally we use Photoshop. There are multi options or tools for do that but indecision occurs to remove the background of an image …

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How To Make Clipping Masks In Photoshop

Clipping mask

Clear idea about Clipping Mask: A clipping mask is an object whose shape masks other artwork so that only areas that lie within the shape are visible—in effect, clipping the artwork to the shape of the mask. The clipping mask and the objects that are masked are called a clipping …

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Good lens can capture good image is it true?

camera focal length

Lens: In this topic we will discuss about what is Lens, Structure, Characteristics and Various types of lens. What is Lens? A piece of glass or plastic which has two opposite surface that is use to correct of vision problems, change and converges of light rays and magnification of light. …

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