Clipping path


In digital image process it generally becomes necessary to separate sure objects or elements of the image from others. this might be the case if you merely would like a selected object within the image so as to position it in an exceedingly completely different context, or if you wish to get rid of unwanted objects from the image so as to boost the composition.


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Background removal Service


sometime the image background is not look perfect like it looks ugly. For this reason background remove service occupied for solving all the problem for matching with nice and perfect background. CPK is pleased to provide the worked images in transparent background which will help you to use the image on your desired project.


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Color correction service


Color correction/adjustment means make differents color image from single color image you can see the example from the left side images. color correction service make you easier to take images and populate this images in different places with different color it will decrease time consumption on taking many images.


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Photo Retouching Service



Image is very important things for many purpose and it can cost a lot of produce or acquire so for making it beautiful and perfect can not only waste a lot of time but more importantly , money we are here for helping you to make your image more perfect with great look


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E commerce Image Editing Service  


Clipping Path King is one of the best company  in image editing . we will make your image ready for your webshop. We are working for website image optimization.  you will just give us your raw product image we will make it ready for setting in your online shop and keep in mind that Eye catching images will increase your sell in right way.


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Image Masking Service


Image masking is best process for taking an image out from its recent background and this process is used for ensuring the shape of the image remains untouched.For removing any unnecessary part of an image its used.


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Image Manipulation Service


Image manipulation services are used for increasing the look ok the product. When you take your product image with an person who wear your product mainly then this service give opportunity


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Shadow Creation Service


Drop shadow mean’s make a shadow for the original image for increasing the natural beauty. Mainly shadow is shown behind or beside of the image depend on sun or light.Drop shadow is one kind of clipping path


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Image Restoration Service



Image Restoration service is called as photo restoration. The main purpose of this service is to restore old photos. Sometimes old images slightly damaged then this service is occupied for making that image newer. The old images can be faded then the owner of the images can not share their past memory with others. We are here for making these images newer for you by the help of image restoration service.

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