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Image masking refers to a process of manipulating image pixels and background to enhance quality. Adobe Photoshop provides sophisticated features for Image masking and manipulation. For instance, the clipping path technique is purposely for extracting the image from the background pixels by creating a path around it. Photo masking technique used together with clipping path method can make image swapping between different background themes.

Soft and hard edges of an image such as hair strands, furry clothes, dolls and any other object can be manipulated and customized to client preferences and taste. These images rendering facility is made possible courtesy of the unique photo masking and clipping path techniques. These two techniques complement each other in image masking with clipping path technique purposely for a hard edge and photo masking for a soft edge category. The latter can also be used where the clipping path method has failed to render the required outcome. This is common where there is a need to isolate the image before masking takes place. Image edges are not limited to the two categories of hard and soft. Another form of images such as lost edge and sharp edges can also be manipulated with other tools that can be found in adobe Photoshop. Image masking with Adobe Photoshop provides pen tablet which can be used for blending between soft and hard edges. It can also be used with lost edge images to isolate the image from the background in cases where the color themes are close.

Please Free Test-2 images for a first-hand experience on our image masking service in Photoshop.

Layer Masking:

Layer masks can be used to redefine background transparency levels in shades of white, gray or black. These can be done for either a specific or grouped layers. These renderings are made possible with the help of a pen tablet. We price differently based on task complexity and time constraints.

Alpha channel Masking:

All objects separated from the background are saved, edited to conform to the required them using alpha channel masking. The photo file is then resized before uploading or downloading takes place. This method is suitable for single color background images.

Hair & Fur Masking:

Isolate hair & fur images from background pixel with the help of pen tablet for soft edge or any other tool. Photo masking works better than clipping path technique in achieving this. You can go ahead and edit the image to your preferred taste in terms of color, brightness, exposure, etc.

Refine Edge Masking:

Pick an image using the Quick Selection tool in Photoshop with the help of this facility. Apply Layer Mask of your choice and use the Radius tool to redefine the image edges to soft. This automatically renders the soft edge images making them not only to appear more natural but original as well.   

Transparent object Masking:

These techniques enable you to redefine any glass or transparent object with 0% to 5% opacity, e.g., car glass, spectacles, bottle, water. Use it to retain or redefine your current theme.

Translucent object Masking:

This technique will enable you to manipulate translucent objects which are 5% to 100% opaque, e.g., frosted glass, bridal veil, paper, plastic bottle, Sunglasses, plastic bottle, etc.

Object Masking:

Unsuitable image parts are picked with the quick selection tool and removed by layer masking. Object masking is useful for removing deformities from an image.

Color Masking:

These features enable a designer to do retouching, color, exposure and even corrections to images. It can be used to remove hollow lines and printer scratches on scanned photos. It enables a correction to pixels for clear images.  

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Clipping path

The another name of clipping path is deep etch. It means a closed vector path or a shape what is used to cut out an image in photo editing software. The inside section of the path will be included and outside of the path can be omitted from the resultant image.

See an example image where we have shown the process of clipping path. Selected part will be included and outside of  selected path will be omitted from the resultant image.

clipping path

Clipping path service is very important for any other photo editing work like image masking, Image manipulation, Neck joint, Color correction, Background remove service.

Now we will Describe Uses of clipping path

Clipping path Is vastly used in digital photo editing studios. In Every need of  Photo editing or image selection, it’s so important to use clipping path.

The uses of Clipping path in Photo editing studios:

1. Remove Background from image:  For removing image background clipping Path is occupied because For omitted the background the subject is to be selected  and the outer part would be deleted and the main subject will be set in the selected background. an example is shown.



2. Color Correction: For changing color of a part or the full section of the image section need to be select for making selection clipping path is imposed.


3. Photo Retouching: For retouching Clipping path service is mostly used selection need to be made.


6.Shadow creation: Multiple layer Need to be made for this service. For making multiple layer on the selection clipping path is imposed.





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                                                                                                               Clipping path service 

Definition of  clipping path: clipping means clip something for setting it on desired place or remove something unwanted things from the whole image. clipping path service is used for all kinds of  photo editing service like image masking service, For image masking service at first need to create clipping path after that we can make it masking for removing background of that images.

Clipping Path Service

Clipping path service is so important for any service we can do that with skilled hand. we have many skilled workers who create path carefully.

Why clipping path service is so important:

Now we will describe why this service is so important. as one person send us a car image for editing. like he wants to remove the car background. For starting the work at first we need to select the whole car with pen tool we can do it with magic tool but manual clipping path is done by the pen tool as its so authentic and it can create very clear path where we can easily use for any method. after select we can delete the background of this image easily by following some process.

Why photo editors like clipping path Service:

clipping path Service

Every photo editors like clipping path service. for each option of work is needed for completing the whole work but mainly clipping path is must.

Do i need to use clipping path on retouching:

clipping path Service

Simple question and simple answer yes of course we need to use clipping path service on photo retouching as for retouching we need to select special part of a image without clipping path we can not able to select that.

Best clipping path service

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Adobe Photoshop tutorials Part: 01

At first run your Photoshop application in your won pc and practice yourself with this tutorial and I think if you read my tutorials, must you can do it yourself.

Step 01:  Take a new page from the above left first menu “file” of adobe Photoshop or keyboard shortcut:”CTRL+N”

Step 02: and set width = 700 px, Height=500 px and resolution =300 with white background from new page windows then click OK. If any confusion please see the bellow image for practical work.

Step 03: Now select Brush tool from left tools box .if any problem to do please see the practical image view.

Step 04: then open the brush preset picker above tools Brush tools option. see the bellow image if fill confusion.

Step 05: After open Brush presser picker windows set master diameter above 100 PX or better 135 px and select grass event.

Step 06: Select a Grass color as you want to make your event grass and press Ok. See the practical in bellow image.

Step 07: Now it’s ready for Drawing .so drawing yourself, just click any field or move your muse cur sap with on click and see your dream drawing is ready thank you every one.